Katie Metzger, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Katie is a native Pacific Northwesterner with a passion for social justice and bringing fair trade businesses practices into the mainstream. In 2014 she completed her MA in International Development, where she focused on social enterprise and its capacity to economically empower women. She has a background in event planning, marketing, design, and retail production. On a typical Saturday she can be found cooking, sewing, drawing, listening to records, vintage shopping, sipping whiskey and playing with her puppies.
Danielle Neufeld, Co-Founder and Thai Program Director
Danielle was raised in Fresno, CA where she was exposed at an early age to a very ethnically diverse community. She has a passion for travel, social justice and economic empowerment for women. She has lived in Thailand, Germany, and Argentina and has traveled to more than 40 different countries. She completed her MA in International Development where she focused her research on cultural context and community development practices, using the Thai sex industry as a case study. After living in Thailand and many long term visits, she has a love for Thailand and its people. On a typical Saturday she can be found playing with her daughter Angelique, drinking coffee, trying new foods, hiking, and singing karaoke in the International District.
Supunnee Pargul, On-site Program Manager
Supunee was raised in Northeast Thailand, where she developed a passion for gender equality and social justice in education. She worked as an elementary school teacher in Thailand and later came to the U.S., where she received an MA in International Community Development. It is her desire to see the people in her community have equal access to opportunities. When she isn't teaching children or managing our Same Thread artisans, she enjoys cooking, being outdoors, going to local markets, and spending time with family.