The Textile Making Process: Fashioning Art With Our Hands

The textiles that form our Same Thread apparel go through quite the intricate process to be made, and some of the dyes within our textiles require a different process than others. Our colors originate from plants that are fermented for up to two weeks. After fermentation, the color turns into a mud-type substance that remains in special pots where salt is added in order for the color to remain. Some colors, such as pink and yellow, must be boiled, and from there the cotton is tied and soaked in the dye. Soaking the cotton may be repeated a few times, and then the actual weaving practice begins. This entire process is all done by hand- whoa! Textile making is a special art that most all of the women from the Baan Sam Prow village, where our on-site artisans work, once were trained to know back in the day, and is still being practiced by a few women currently. Fashioning textiles can be a lengthy process, but with numerous steps, skillful hands, and a touch of patience, threads of dyed cotton turn into lovely works of art.

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