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5 Ways Fair Trade Can Change Your Life

In the world of negative work, where you are controlled, where power prevails and you are a mere functionary, everything is determined by an ethic of competition. In the world of creative work, where your gift is engaged, there is no competition. The soul transfigures the need for competition. [...] The rhythm of soul is the surprise of endless enrichment.   John O’Donohue It seems as though no matter where you turn, Fair Trade products are easier than ever to find and purchase. Even your local grocery store likely stocks at least one Fair Trade item, whether it be clothing, housewares, or foodstuffs like chocolate and coffee. But why buy Fair Trade? For some, the knowledge that their money is...

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Step Into Fair Weather With Fair Trade Fashion

The rumors are all true, friends: spring has most certainly arrived! Here in the Pacific Northwest we have leapt across the equinox into a brave new world where sunshine and rain play tag throughout the day, every street corner seems alive with crocuses and daffodils, and honeybees are once again humming their favorite tunes in the cherry-blossom branches. The days of outdoor picnics, summer markets, and long warm nights might seem miles away, but the fresh breeze is an invitation to fresh fashion and new looks. And what better way to celebrate springtime than to declare your love for the planet with ethical fashion and the versatile new arrivals from Same Thread? Partly sunny? Throw a cardigan or denim jacket...

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