Happy Giving Tuesday!

    This Giving Tuesday, we at Same Thread are excited to announce some changes! Because we greatly value the education of women and girls, going forward, a portion of all of Same Thread's proceeds will now go directly to education in the village where our clothes are made. We believe that education is the key to economic empowerment and can help break the cycle of poverty. We also believe in investing in the community where are items are made in order to have a wider impact. We are thrilled to be partnering with an education and tutoring service for women and girls that is currently run by our On-site Program Manager, Nee.women's education and empowerment in Thailand
About one month after returning to her home village of Baan Sam Prow from the States, Nee’s sister asked her if she could teach English in the village. Nee soon began working with seven and eight year olds, sharpening their Thai skills and introducing them to English. She currently has twenty students, ranging from age seven through high school. Her high school students are challenged to read and translate English articles and engage in conversations. Prior to Nee there were no other English teachers in the village and Nee remains the only English tutoring resource at current. Knowing how to read and write in English is a huge advantage in the job market in Thailand and can help to increase potential income. 
women's empowerment in Thailand
 Nee has been teaching from her own home for one year now, and her dream is to have her own space outside the home where she will run her own primary school program, where 1st-6th graders can come to learn English. She also wants the school to stand as a vocational space where girls of all ages can come to her for advice and mentorship. Although Nee enjoys helping all students reach their full language potential, her real passion is mentoring young girls. Her original vision for an English program was to create an all-girls school. Nee explains this is because of the fewer economic options available to females. She expressed that if a family has no money, their son can become a monk, but girls do not have the same opportunities but may be forced to get married or pressured to go into sex work in the city. However, once Nee began teaching classes she did not want to deny anyone seeking to learn, so she decided to accept all students regardless of their ability to pay. Nee also currently mentors girls in high school and women who have been abandoned by their husbands. She is consistently seeking to help women see the number of resources and opportunities available to them, so that they may reach their full potential. 
women's empowerment in Thailand
Same Thread will donate a portion of all proceeds to this educational project, as we believe that it helps to further our mission of empowering women economically. The money that is donated will go directly to education services and scholarships for women and girls in the local community.women's empowerment in Thailand
We sincerely appreciate your support and are looking forward to this exciting partnership!
Happy Giving Tuesday! How can we best be givers in our local communities? 

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