5 Ways Fair Trade Can Change Your Life

In the world of negative work, where you are controlled, where power prevails and you are a mere functionary, everything is determined by an ethic of competition. In the world of creative work, where your gift is engaged, there is no competition. The soul transfigures the need for competition. [...] The rhythm of soul is the surprise of endless enrichment.  

John O’Donohue

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It seems as though no matter where you turn, Fair Trade products are easier than ever to find and purchase. Even your local grocery store likely stocks at least one Fair Trade item, whether it be clothing, housewares, or foodstuffs like chocolate and coffee.

But why buy Fair Trade? For some, the knowledge that their money is directly supporting artisans, makers, and farmers is enough. But in case you need a little more convincing, here are five ways that buying Fair Trade products can change your life:

Fair trade bohemian maxi skirt

  1. Connection.

When you buy Fair Trade, you can feel an overwhelming sense of connection with people across the globe. That dress, basket, or bar of chocolate wasn’t made by a big business but by an individual person with a name, a personality, and a heartbeat.

  1. Appreciation.

When you buy Fair Trade, you may be drawn in by the artistry, the unique designs, the new flavors, the patterns of another culture different from your own. This may lead you to research, to travel, or simply to admire.  

  1. 3. Mindfulness.

When you buy Fair Trade, and realize what it means to support individuals and not faceless corporations, you may find that you notice things you never noticed before. You may start to wonder how you can support local and smallscale businesses in your own city.

  1. Activism.

When you buy Fair Trade, that mindfulness you feel might morph into something a little more dynamic. You might see causes that you can simply support...or champion. People will sit up and take notice; passionate change does that. You might make ripples. You might make waves.

  1. Love.

No matter what, when you buy Fair Trade, it can deepen your love. Love for the planet, love for your fellow human beings, and love for beautiful craftsmanship. Money cannot buy you happiness, but when you buy Fair Trade, your money will serve other people and the planet with compassion. And that’s as close to happiness as money can buy.

fair trade bohemian maxi skirt

How is Fair Trade changing your life?

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